Rainfall In Chittagong City and Aspects of Drainage Congestion Problem : A Historical Perspective

The Chittagong city is situated one of the heaviest rainfall regions in Bangladesh. Over the study
period of about 60 years, the total annual rainfall in Chittagong has remained unchanged although
urban development has taken place, increasing the impervious area of the city, with the
consequent increase in the rainfall run off. But adequate drainage system to cope with the
increased rainfall run off has not built-up during this time. Length of khals in Chittagong city has
decreased. Drainage capacity of those khals has deteriorated. So the increased surface run off is
not draining out properly by the existing drainage system. Many obstructions block on the free
flow of running water, For this reason, time of overland flow in rainy season is higher than the
previous period. Drainage congestion takes places in various location of the city. The aim of this
research is to examine the role of urban development in creating increased rainfall runoff thereby
contributing to the internal flooding problem. The methodology used was to calculate the built-up
and non built-up areas within a fixed defined study area for different periods, rainfall runoff for
each periods for 1:5 years recurrence interval, time of overland flow over the drainage basin. The
study indicates that the drainage congestion in Chittagong city is a serious problem and has
assumed the nature of a political issue. It is hoped that this research may be of help to the related
organization and experts solving this problem.



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