Citizen’s Gathering on 5 Oct 2012

BAPA, Center for Human Rights Movements (CHRM), Krishi Jomi Raksha Committee (KJRC), Save the Sunderbans, Green Voice (GV) & Bagerhat Development Commission (BDC) jointly organized a Citizen’s Gathering in front of the National Press Club, Topkhana Road, Dhaka demanding:” Stop Building Thermal Power Station in the Sunderbans! Shift it to another place away from this forest!! Stop Orion group from constructing another power station nearby!!” The program was presided over by the Convener of Tel Gas Bondor Biddyut o Jatyo Shampad Raksha Andolon and NC member of BAPA Engr. SK. Md. Shahidullah.


Please see the attachment for details



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